Petition for Pier Park Restrooms

Over 10,000 visitors enjoy Pier Park each year … yet our restroom facilities:Toilet at Pier Park

  • Have peeling paint and rusting walls
  • Lack hot water for hand washing
  • Are NOT ADA compliant or accessible
  • Too few for the overwhelming amount of visitors they are meant to serve.

Please sign the Friends of Pier Park petition for Pier Park restrooms or download the paper version as a PDF here.

Petition for Pier Park Restrooms

Over 10,000 visitors enjoy Pier Park each year. This includes the hundreds who play the World Class Disc Golf course each week, teams of baseball, softball and soccer players on the Pier Park fields and skateboarders riding the Pier Park half pipe. Joggers, walkers and families with children enjoy Pier Park daily. The beautiful forest canopy makes Pier Park exceptional with paved trails meandering through the trees. The children’s playground and spray pool, basketball and tennis courts are all shaded and inviting in the summer months.

A new bridge and an ADA trail, dedicated this year, now connects visitors to Chimney Park and the off-leash dog park area. Pier Park is also a frequent filming location for the television series Grimm.

With so much to offer, Pier Park must have improved restroom facilities capable of serving the basic sanitation needs of our visitors. Currently the restrooms are substandard on many levels:
- Peeling paint and rusting walls
- Lacking hot water for hand washing
- Not ADA compliant or accessible
- Too few for the overwhelming amount of visitors they are meant to serve.

We the undersigned, petition Portland Parks and Recreation and the City of Portland to designate funding to upgrade the restroom facilities to provide safe, clean and ADA accessible public bathrooms for Pier Park in North Portland.


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Donations Accepted

Check out the Shop/Donate page to make a donation to the Friends of Pier Park account held at the Bank of America. You may donate directly to the Pier Park Disc Golf Course fund, the Pier Park Tennis Courts fund or the Friends of Pier Park Choice fund where the FoPP Board chooses how to use the money to improve Pier Park.

Thank you for donating!

Friends of Pier Park

Friends of Pier Park members are dedicated to the enhancement and protection of Pier Park. As a non-profit group, we advocate for this beautiful park, its public pool, skatepark, tennis courts, ball fields, disc golf course and amazing trees. We also organize volunteer work parties in cooperation with Portland Parks and Recreation to remove invasive plants and graffiti, plant native trees and shrubs and improve the trails and disc course.

Spring bloom at Pier Park

Spring at Pier Park

Our next meeting is Monday, May 19th at 6:30 pm at the St. Johns Community Center. All are welcome.

Our accomplishments include convincing City Hall to keep Pier Pool open, the annual Pier Park Pick-Up sponsored by SOLVE, working with local companies, such as Next Adventure, to improve the disc golf course a Pier Park and purchasing playground equipment. We are proud to say that Pier Park is safer than any other Portland park of comparable size. The hundreds of regular disc golf players who play the course that winds around and through Pier Park keep it that way.


Pier/Chimney Bridge Complete

Have you enjoyed the walk between Pier and Chimney Parks? The bridge is complete allowing better access for bicycle commuters to Rivergate and recreation for everyone. For more information checkout the this link to Portland Parks.