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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from Friends of Pier Park. As the year comes to an end, we get to reflect on all things that we are grateful. Here are snippets of what some of your community members are thankful for.  Matt Kuntz, Chair : I am thankful for all the trees in the park and for Dave […]

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Plants Found at Pier Park

Do you ever wonder what type of plants you can find at Pier Park? Well, here is a list of the plants you may see around! All of these specimens were planted on October 27th, 2018 thanks to our generous No Ivy Day volunteers.  Plant Name Qty Type Acer circinatum ‘Monroe’ 9.00  Maple Native  Vaccinium […]

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Preserving Nature While Cycling

Preserving Nature While Cycling: Written by Personal Injury Law Cycling is one of the best ways to enjoy nature, but you always want to ensure nobody knows you enjoyed the world on a bicycle. While cycling is one of the most environmentally-friendly methods of transportation, you can still cause damage to the environment if you’re not […]

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! We hope you have a fun and safe night tonight. But until then, here are some Halloween jokes to get you through the day! Halloween Jokes: What do you call wood when it’s scared? Petrified! What does a vampire never order at a restaurant?  A stake. Why do mummies have trouble keeping friends?  They’re […]

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Thank You – No Ivy Day Volunteers

Saturday October 27th, Friends of Pier Park hosted a volunteer opportunity in support of Portland Parks and Recreation’s No Ivy Day. Thank you for all of those who came out and volunteered to help beautify the park. Volunteers participated in several different activities including ivy removal, planting, spreading gravel, rebuilding stairs, and picking up limbs. […]

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International Observe the Moon Night

  Today was International Observe the Moon Night — meaning the moon has been visible since early this evening. The moon is at it’s first quarter phase and has it’s own special day hosted by NASA just to observe it. If you didn’t get the chance to view the moon in the evening, nothing is […]

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Portland Parks’ Off Road Cycling Plan for Pier Park — Considering Conflicts and Friends of Pier Park Response

Next Parks Board meeting will be in a new location and is scheduled for: Tuesday, April 3, 2018, from 3:00 – 5:00 PM Bureau of Planning and Sustainability 1900 SW 4th Avenue, 7th Floor, Conference Room 7A Portland, Oregon At its April 3rd meeting, the Parks Board will consider making comments on the current Discussion […]

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University of Portland Students Beautify the Park

Saturday  October 7th, University of Portland business students came out to Pier Park and volunteered to help beautify the park. They participated in several different activities including but not limited to mulching, painting, spreading gravel, and picking up limbs. With nearly 100 students volunteering, you could see improvements to the park within hours. Students and […]

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Volunteer Opportunity 10/7

Hello friends and volunteers, we have a volunteer opportunity event coming up next Saturday! — Come join your neighbors and community, along with students from the University of Portland, as we clean and beautify Pier Park on October 7th from 9:30AM to 1PM.  We’ll be collecting garbage, limbs, removing graffiti, and moving around gravel and […]

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Pier Park Pick-Up for Earth Day

As Earth Day approaches, it may be time to consider reevaluating the relationship you have with the environment and ponder how your lifestyle affects the world around you. How often do you reduce, reuse, or recycle? Reduce: Reducing simply means to limit the amount of electricity and other natural resources that you use; to reduce or […]

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