March Meeting Minutes

Friends of Pier Park Meeting: March 21st, 2016
St Johns Community Center – Room 1

Matt Kuntz (Chair)
Kelly Pergande (Vice Chair)
Keola Morley (Treasurer)
Mary Ann Aschenbrenner (member – active)
Stephanie Haas (member – active)
Joanie Belden (member – inactive)
Alex Salazar (PPR)
Quorum fulfilled.

Meeting called to order @ 6:34pm

Alex Salazar (PPR) provided feedback regarding UP Day of Service Event and a general update regarding PPR budget. Alex also noted that some fence work will be going up around some of the cottage structures in the park that are starting to have roof collapses.

Old Business:
Approve Previous Minutes:
Matt made a motion to approve the January meeting minutes. Mary Ann seconded, motion passed.

Park benches (Sequoia wood)
Kelly working to complete PPR form; to email Alex to get guidance on completion & submission.

501c3 Status
Matt announced that he had successfully filed for 501c3 status on and will continue to track progress.

UP Day of Service Update
Overall, the event went very well. 90+ students helped clean up litter, remove limbs and invasive species, repave paths, paint poles, remove graffiti, and removing pine cones from the playgrounds. Thanks to Mary Ann, Kelly, Joanie, Brian and Matt for helping coordinate the event. Next year we will try to get all in-kind donations for all food/beverages and also try for more healthy foods in addition to donuts (which were delicious).

New Business:
SOLVE/Pier Park Spring Clean Up
The event will occur on April 23rd and we will need to start planning with Alex (PPR).

Guest Presentation by Mark E. Hitchcox, Pest Survey Specialist, USDA-APHIS-PPQ
An interesting, relevant, and alarming presentation was given by Mark as well as pamphlets were given out regarding the upcoming proposed aerial spray of Btk to combat the invasive Asian Gypsy Moth that has been spotted in the harbor area. Contact a board member for copies while still available.

Other Items:
Mark noted that he’d like to collaborate with FoPP to do a Moth Appreciation Party, to celebrate native moths in July/August. We will stay in touch and continue to discuss.

Keola to work with Matt to get proper signatory authorization on bank account/consider changing bank account.

Kelly to present marketing research for our Promotional Items at next meeting.

Public comment period for inactive members: No comments to report.

Public comment period for non-members allowed: No comments to report.

Motion to adjourn: Matt, 2nd by Kelly

Meeting adjourned @ 7:42 pm.

Next Meeting: April 18th

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