Plants Found at Pier Park

Do you ever wonder what type of plants you can find at Pier Park? Well, here is a list of the plants you may see around! All of these specimens were planted on October 27th, 2018 thanks to our generous No Ivy Day volunteers. 

Plant Name Qty Type
Acer circinatum ‘Monroe’ 9.00  Maple Native 
Vaccinium ovatum 9.00  Flowering Shrub 
Vaccinium parvifolium 9.00  Red Huckleberry 
Oemleria cerasiformis 5.00  Indian Plum 
Philadelphis lewisii 3.00  Lewis’ Mock Orange 
Mahonia nervosa 21.00  Cascase Barberry 
Gaultheria shallon 15.00  Leathery-leaved Shrub 
Garrya elliptica 3.00  Silk Tassel Bush 
Blechnum spicant 15.00  Deer Fern 
Polystichum munitum 50.00  Western Sword Fern 
Ribes sanguinem ‘King Edward vii 7.00  Pinkish-Red Shurb 

Can you guess what plant this is?

What plants would you like to see at Pier Park?


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