Catching up with fall 2024

Two Sequoia benches on the playground at Pier Park

It feels like no time has passed since the Pier Park summer concerts. Yet, the seasons move from summer to fall: the trees are changing color from green into shades of yellow and red, the air is cooler, the days shorter, and our season of rain has begun. A walk through Pier Park is a wonderful way to get into the holiday spirit!

No Ivy Day Recap

We had a smaller-than-usual turnout for our No Ivy Day volunteer work event on Oct. 28th. Nevertheless, the volunteers who did brave the cool temps got a lot of good things done.:

  • The Rhododendron beds near the playground and Woodland Garden were weeded and mulched.
  • The disc golf course was switched to the winter layout with four new temporary holes and tee pads created so that hillside holes that showed heavy ground wear could be taken out of play for undergrowth restoration this winter. 
  • Later in the week, volunteers helped PP&R staff install 11 new tee pad benches made with funds raised by last summer’s Frisbee Friends of Pier Park disc golf tournament.

Fallen Sequoia Park Benches

In 2015 or 2016 a Sequoia was removed from Pier’s Sequoia Grove to make way for the pedestrian and bike bridge between Pier and Chimney Parks. The Sequoia was growing near the Pier Park end of the bridge that passes over the railroad tracks.

Most of the Sequoia went to West Moreland Park to build a nature park and playground in the Sellwood neighborhood, but some slabs of the felled Sequoia were saved for future use in Pier Park. After being transformed by a local artist into benches and fundraising by Friends of Pier Park we now have three benches at Pier made possible by the fallen Sequoia.

Come out and enjoy them! Two are in the children’s playground and one is along the path by the Grove.

Learn more about this project: Fallen Sequoia Returns.

2024 Board Elections

On Monday, November 20th we will be electing our 2024 Board. These are the candidates:

  • Chair – Steve Davis
  • Vice Chair – Stephanie LaMonica
  • Treasurer – Keola Morley
  • Secretary – Carol Meckes

Matt White will move to IT and Compliance support.

Come out and join us for the board meeting. The meeting begins at 6:30 pm and will be held at the home of Chair Steve Davis.

Enjoy this fall and happy Thanksgiving!

By Mary Ann Aschenbrenner

Mary Ann Aschenbrenner is President of Waterlink Web, a web development firm located in the St. Johns neighborhood of North Portland. An active neighborhood volunteer, Mary Ann served on the Friends of Pier Park board for over eight years and is the designer and administrator of this site.