Big Leaf Maple – Acer macrophyllum

Aptly named, the bigleaf maple is not only a large tree, typically growing up to 66 feet, but it’s best known for its spectacularly huge leaves which can grow to be 12 inches across. It has the largest leaves of any maple tree. The largest big leaf maple stood 160 feet high and the largest… Continue reading Big Leaf Maple – Acer macrophyllum

Katsura Tree – Cercidiphyllum japonicum

Perhaps the most graceful deciduous tree in the Park is the katsura . Native to China and Japan, the katsura is the Japanese word for “tree”. In the fall, its rounded leaves put on a show as they glow in shades of yellow or pinkish yellow. Some say that when the leaves fall, the tree… Continue reading Katsura Tree – Cercidiphyllum japonicum

Hatchet damage to at least 14 trees!

Since just before Thanksgiving, there have been a rash of hatchet cuttings to at least 14 trees in the park, including one Sequoia, 12 Douglas firs and 1 Birch tree.  Hopefully the trees will heal themselves, but these wounds could be entry points for disease. Please keep you eye open for any suspicious behavior –… Continue reading Hatchet damage to at least 14 trees!

Sign the Pier Park restroom petition

A petition calling for new and improved restroom for Pier Park has been launched. Over 10,000 visitors enjoy Pier Park each year … yet our restroom facilities: Have peeling paint and rusting walls Lack hot water for hand washing Are NOT ADA compliant or accessible Too few for the overwhelming amount of visitors they are… Continue reading Sign the Pier Park restroom petition