Disc Golf

disc golfer in the snow in Pier Park
disc golfer in the snow in Pier Park

Pier Park Disc Course in Winter Configuration

From November through May the course transforms into its alternate “winter” layout which helps to give the valleys and sensitive hill slopes a break from foot traffic during the wettest months. Some holes of the Pier Park disc golf course are out of circulation while others are added. Please check the Winter Configuration PDF here. Thank you for staying on paths and courteous play!

As summer approaches, check this link for the Summer disc golf configuration.

Friends of Pier Park in conjunction with Portland Parks and Recreation and Next Adventure are proud stewards of one of the finest disc golf courses within a major city in this country. The course, which was established in 2002, winds through Pier Park’s beautiful Douglas Fir and Red Cedar forest, features a variety of elevation changes and is very popular among both recreational and tournament players. In the spring many of the fairways are lined with spectacular flowering Rhododendrons and other native plants.