May meeting follow-up

The following was submitted by Elizabeth Kennedy-Wong as a Parks summation of the May meeting and trail alignment plan.

Hello Friends of Pier Park et al – Please share this information.

–         Based on the conversation at the Friends of Pier Park meeting, Here are the responses to the comments/requests and the recommendation to move forward.

·         Vehicle access –   Public vehicles are not allowed on the trail.    Parks maintenance vehicles may (gators) and emergency vehicles may need access to the trail

·         Trail alignment – There was a request to increase the curves in the trail to slow bike traffic  – the design will be modified to increase the meander just west of tee box #2 to further slow pathway users.

·         Landscaping – There was discussion about using planting to reduce potential impacts/conflicts between the ballfield users and trail users – There are potential long term conflicts with the baseball field during games.  PP&R Parks avoids planting trees next to pathways because of long term maintenance problems associated with root upheaval, and finally, the need for irrigation of new plants is difficult given current budget challenges and lack of available maintenance staff for care.

·         Tree Protection – There is strong support for ensuring that the trail design through the Giant Sequoias take care not to harm the trees – We have committed that our Forestry Staff will be closely involved in the trail design and construction.

·         Trail Width – There was lack of clarity in the group regarding trail width – strong support for a wider trail, strong support for a narrower trail – The width will remain at 8’ and be modified as necessary in the area of the Giant Sequoias

·         Interpretive signs – There was a request to use interpretation to education park users about the Giant Sequoias – Interpretation in this area could be considered, an independent source of funding and maintenance would need to be identified

We have received a communication from an individual who attended the meeting that expressed opposition to the design presented at the Friends of Pier Park meeting.
We have also received communication for an individual who attended the meeting who expressed strong support for the design as presented.
Most individuals present at the meeting indicated that they would be supportive of moving forward.

With the information and modifications indicated above, we are recommending that we move forward .

Thanks to you all for working with us.

Elizabeth Kennedy-Wong

By Mary Ann Aschenbrenner

Mary Ann Aschenbrenner is President of Waterlink Web, a web development firm located in the St. Johns neighborhood of North Portland. An active neighborhood volunteer, Mary Ann served on the Friends of Pier Park board for over eight years and is the designer and administrator of this site.