Pier Park Discovery Walk

Friends of Pier Park Discovery Walk, art by Annika E from Roosevelt High School

Use this self-guided walk through Pier Park to find unique points of interest in your favorite Portland Park. Learn new things and discover what makes Pier Park special.

Just download the one-page, two-sided PDF of written descriptions and artist renderings with a checklist of the interest points. Challenge yourself and your friends by tracking the interest points you find. A Spanish version is also available.

The Pier Park Discovery Walk is brought to you by Friends of Pier Park with big thanks to:

  • Ginger Edwards. We were inspired by Ginger Edwards and the North Portland Parks advisory group that created a Discovery Walk for Arbor Lodge Park. We thank Ginger for the idea.
  • Annika E., a Roosevelt high school artist. We thank Annika E. for the beautiful renderings of these Pier Park points of interest.
  • Lupita Zamora, who provided translation services for the Spanish descriptions handout. We thank Lupita for helping make this experience accessible to more families and Pier Park neighbors.

By Mary Ann Aschenbrenner

Mary Ann Aschenbrenner is President of Waterlink Web, a web development firm located in the St. Johns neighborhood of North Portland. An active neighborhood volunteer, Mary Ann served on the Friends of Pier Park board for over eight years and is the designer and administrator of this site.