Pier Park Pick-Up for Earth Day

As Earth Day approaches, it may be time to consider reevaluating the relationship you have with the environment and ponder how your lifestyle affects the world around you. How often do you reduce, reuse, or recycle?

Reduce: Reducing simply means to limit the amount of electricity and other natural resources that you use; to reduce or use less. Is it necessary to turn your house lights on in the day time? Can you take shorter showers? Is your destination within appropriate walking distance?

Reuse: Several every-day household items can be used for more than one purpose. Finding creative ways to reuse materials will not only help eliminate waste in the landfill, but will also save you money. For example, old envelopes can be made into scratch paper, old clothes can be made into cushion covers, and old cartons, packaging, or bubblewrap can be donated to schools or local nurseries for art projects.

Recycle:  It is important to recycle because resources are limited. Recycling conserves energy, reduces pollution, slows global warming and lower waste products in landfill.  Recyclable materials includes cans, bottles, paper, cardboard, aluminum foil, glass, batteries/bulbs, and even select electronics. The more we save today, the more we will have tomorrow.


Earth Day is dedicated to helping the Earth’s atmosphere sustain growth for future generations. Make a difference in your community starting at Pier Park. Come out for the annual Pier Park Pick-Up this Saturday from 9:00am-1:00pm at the turnaround on North Bruce Ave supported by SOLVE.  Work includes removing invasive ivy and blackberries, upgrading the disc golf course, planting natives, and picking up litter. Bring the kids. There is something for everyone.


Register today: Pier Park Pick-Up


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