In Support of Friends of Baltimore Woods

Our mission Friends of Pier Park members are dedicated to the enhancement and protection of Pier Park. As a non-profit group, we advocate for this beautiful park, its public pool, skate park, tennis courts, ball fields, disc golf course and amazing trees. We also organize volunteer work parties in cooperation with Portland Parks and Recreation to remove invasive plants and graffiti, plant native trees and shrubs and improve the trails and disc golf course.
April 24, 2014
To whom it May Concern;
At Friends of Pier Park we understand the importance of protecting the natural areas and trees of Pier Park for the enjoyment of current visitors to the park as well as establishing a precedent for protecting the ecology for future generations. We agree with the efforts of Friends of Baltimore Woods to preserve the native White Oaks of Baltimore Woods, and we applaud their efforts to expand the nature corridor as an educational asset for an outdoor classroom for local schools. Not only is Baltimore Woods a buffer zone between riverside industries and downtown St. Johns, it is an essential connection to Pier Park for the np Willamette Greenway which is planned to connect to Smith and Bybee Wetlands and Kelley Point Park in the near future.
The new Pier/Chimney Bridge with the connecting ADA Trail through Pier Park, completes another portion of the np Greenway Trail – a project that is underway with a goal of connecting all of Portland with a bike and pedestrian trail system linking citizens to a green corridor. Already the new bridge is connecting Pier Park to Chimney Park for pedestrians, cyclists, and dog lovers to name a few. Baltimore Woods will soon be the link connecting to Pier Park/Chimney Park to Cathedral Park and downtown Portland.
We support Friends of Baltimore Woods and even though our group’s primary focus is attending to the needs of Pier Park we wish to acknowledge a community of collaboration.
Kelly Pergande , Vice Chair/ Friends of Pier Park & Friends of Pier Park Board:
Ryan Lynch, Chair
Erin Etchison, Secretary
Keola Morley, Treasurer
Melissa Swoop, Technology Officer