2021 Annual Report

Year 2 of the Covid pandemic continued to test us all. Nonetheless, in 2021, Friends of Pier Park made great progress for our park and ourneighborhood on a number of fronts. Three Grants! The most significant accomplishments relate to three grants awarded to us, totaling $16,000. Our recently elected Vice Chairperson, Stephanie LaMonica, is primarily… Continue reading 2021 Annual Report

2020 Year-End Report

Friends of Pier Park 2020 Annual Report Although 2020 was a most trying year, and we still have a way to go before things feel normal, it’s worth reflecting on last year’s accomplishments, disappointments, and focus areas for the coming year. Centennial Celebration The land for Pier Park was purchased in 1920, therefore, in 2019… Continue reading 2020 Year-End Report

2019 Year-End Report

Woo Hoo! Has it really been over 15 years? Why, yes it has. Friends of Pier Park was rekindled in 2005 when we were fighting to keep Pier Pool open. But, it was started before then. Anyway, 2019 was another banner year for Pier Park.