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Dogwood tree – Cornus kousa

One of the most beautiful flowered trees in the park is our dogwood, located near the circle entrance to the park, off of Bruce Street. Every year in the late spring, it blooms profusely with its large white flowers. The flowers themselves are tightly clustered, lacking showy petals, but surrounded by four to six large, […]

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Tree vandalism correction

We can all be relieved that vandalism was not the culprit of the sequoia bark removal. According to a letter from Larry Maginnis, the Urban Forestry Supervisor, “I am writing to put your mind to ease in regards to the bark you have found that was removed from the tree.  I visited the site shortly […]

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Sequoia tree vandalism

Another case of vandalism to our trees in Pier Park.  This is the second time this tree has been damaged. About two months ago, a much smaller section of bark from the lower section was taken off.  This time, a larger section was pulled off – see images. The affected tree is the 2nd largest […]

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Giant Sequoia – Sequoiadendron giganteum

Here in Pier Park there is a significant grouping of 29 giant sequoias and one coastal redwood located upon a knoll at the north end of the park. Giant sequoias are the world’s largest single trees by volume and given the right environment, they are known for their longevity, living up to 3,000 years.  These […]

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Tree Vandalism

I just want to bring attention to vandalism that was done to one of the small trees in the park. I have no idea who would have done this. It’s upsetting that this kind of destruction has happened. If anyone has any idea who could have done this or how this was done, please share […]

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